Helping Pinelog to Make a Splash

19 August, 2016

Through AdWords, over the past 12 months, we've managed to reduce Pinelog's cost-per-conversion by 43%. Ultimately, this has led to them spending their money far more effectively.

Bakewell-based Pinelog provide architecturally-crafted leisure buildings to residential and commercial clients. They primarily construct their units through the use of Scandinavian redwood and larch.

Amongst other things, they specialise in the design and manufacture of indoor swimming pools. Perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any property, these continue to bring new clients to Pinelog from throughout the UK.

At Evoluted, we've now been working with Pinelog for a number of years. As well as completing website work for various branches of their business, we've also been managing their PPC marketing through Google AdWords for a considerable spell of time.

What Did We Do?

To help improve Pinelog's ROI from PPC, we've made countless changes to their AdWords account over the past 12 months.

Initially, this work included some brand new keyword research, which we used to adjust the existing ads, in order to make them more effectively targeted. We also used the data to identify some new opportunities for the account to exploit.

Other major changes have included various tweaks to the account's settings, to make sure the ads are scheduled to appear exactly when potential customers are most likely to convert.

On an ongoing basis, we've also spent a significant amount of time restricting the search terms which can trigger the ads. This is helping to ensure that money isn't being wasted on irrelevant traffic.

What Were the Results?

Comparing the past 12 months with the previous year, the improvements have been marked - with the overall cost-per-conversion positively falling by 43%.

This effectively means that over the past year, Pinelog have paid close to half the amount in advertising costs for each lead they've generated through AdWords, in comparison to the previous year.

In addition, because of the work we've done, more people have been engaging with the ads created in the Pinelog AdWords account. This is evidenced by the click-through-rate statistics for the same period, which improved from 2.41% to 3.02%.

More than anything, this is down to us making the ads more engaging and ensuring that they're targeted more effectively.

Evoluted MD Ash Young was pleased to reflect upon another PPC account enjoying such healthy improvement:

"Through AdWords, we're always looking to improve the key account metrics. We want to be able to tell clients that their money has been spent more effectively, which is exactly what we've been able to do with Pinelog.

"Working within the arranged budget, lowering the cost of each conversion has meant that we've freed-up more money, to spend more effectively, on generating further leads for the client. This is a scenario which we always strive towards," he said.

How Can We Help You?

This account is just one of the many under our control that has benefited from the work of our marketing team. If you're seeking monthly management services, we're perfectly-placed to assist. Our ongoing work includes:

  • The creation of new accounts
  • Rectifying a downward trend in Adwords sales
  • Preventing large amounts of your budget being wasted on irrelevant terms
  • The creation of results-driven ad copy
  • The ongoing use of analytical data to adjust settings that can make a big difference to your sales and how much you pay for them
  • Identifying new opportunities for your account through search term analysis

For help with any of the above - and much more - get in touch with us today on 0114 272 9753.


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