Helping Twinwoods to Jump Ahead

29 February, 2016

Twinwoods Adventure provide adrenalin-filled fun for the whole family. Based in Bedford, their facilities include an enclosed skydiving centre, an indoor surfing flume and a giant power fan for high-level jumps.

With accommodation and a relaxing spa also available on-site, the company continues to prove popular for both overnight and one-off stays.

Whilst we can't quite top the rush you can get with Twinwoods, we do continue to thrill with our website design and development services. So when we were contacted by them to build them an upgrade on their existing website, we were well-placed to jump right in.

This latest project represented the continuation of what has been a long-standing relationship between ourselves and the client. We were delighted to build them their new site, which had become essential due to the growth they've enjoyed.

Entirely responsive from desktop right down to mobile devices, the new site has been designed to help the company achieve their goal of providing the most accessible booking experience possible to the user.

We were determined to avoid the complicated booking process often seen on activity-based websites. With this in mind, we developed a booking system that's easy for the user to understand.

This has actually been so successful that it was also used within another similar site we recently built for MadridFly.

When using the system to book activities on the new Twinwoods site, customers can choose to book either one-off or multiple experiences. The most popular of these is their state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility, which is used to provide the flying activities.

Capable of producing wind speeds that can reach up to 180mph, this is one of the most thrilling experiences you can access in the UK. Amongst the 'flying' services available to book at this part of the centre are 'camps' run by pro-flying instructors and slots allocated for skydivers looking to practise their trade.

Additionally, in terms of accommodation, guest rooms can be easily booked through the site. Twinwoods have also been able to use the flexibility of the site we've built to structure a whole plethora of online booking packages for their customers. One example is their parities, which come with downloadable invites and a sample food menu.

The whole look of the site is incredibly clean and accessible. Given the high-end nature of the services Twinwoods provide, this was an absolute must.

Not only is the client delighted with the appearance of the site, they've also found it refreshingly easy to update thanks to the content management system (CMS) we've made accessible to them. With their services constantly changing, this was an essential requirement.

Upon completion of the site, Twinwoods' Paul Mayer said:

"Evoluted have repeatedly demonstrated an enthusiastic and dedicated input into our projects. Our business needs change quickly and we have been impressed with Evoluted's ability to keep pace with us."

Our Managing Director Ash Young was pleased to see the site realised as planned:

"Thanks to the careful planning that went into this project, we've been able to develop a site that exactly meets the requirements of Twinwoods.

"Having worked with the client for a number of years, we understand how to help them provide the best possible service to their customers. We're confident that interest in the company will now only continue to grow further," he said.

Following the completion of their new website, the excitement is only set to continue for Twinwoods. With plans already in motion for future developments to their services, things are looking in very good shape for the future of the company.


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