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28 June, 2016

During our first 12 months managing Decorative Aggregates' SEO, we've increased their organic revenue by 70%, in comparison to the previous year.

Decorative Aggregates are one of our longest-standing SEO clients. A leading UK-based provider of garden materials, they've become the go-to supplier for thousands of private and trade customers requiring aggregates, slate, gravel and cobbles.

From their base in Derbyshire, they've always been particularly savvy when it comes to the development of their company.

So, after we initially designed them a new website - which was launched back in April 2015 - they were keen to discuss how they could generate exposure of it through digital marketing. They were looking for us to devise innovative strategy that would bring visibility for key website pages such as their gravel calculator.

What Did We Do for Dec Aggs?

We subsequently designed a highly-targeted SEO campaign that we felt could help the client to significantly improve their online revenue.

From the off, we were keen to get the Decorative Aggregates website ranking impressively for an extensive bank of thoroughly-researched keywords. This approach formed the basis behind us being able to capture thousands more searches for the client.

We've since applied countless on-site and off-site optimisation techniques to further their website's performance.

What Were the Results We Achieved?

To help evidence the progress made in terms of SEO, we've compared the first 12 months of the campaign with the previous 12 months prior to our involvement. Some of the eye-opening improvements made are highlighted below:

  • Organic revenue grew by 70%
  • Organic transactions grew by 73%
  • Organic website traffic grew by 21%
  • Organic unique visitors grew by 21%

(When we refer to 'organic' figures, we're talking about users that have been acquired directly from the search engines, rather than a paid or alternative referral route)

Whilst some of the improvements made over the first 12 months of the SEO campaign can be attributed to the website we built, the positive effect of the SEO work we've conducted is also undeniable.

To help illustrate this, we've also compared May 2015 (the first month after the website was built) with May 2016. This was the first time we were able to do a YOY comparison in terms of our SEO work alone.

  • Organic revenue grew by 20%
  • Organic transactions grew by 8%
  • Organic website traffic grew by 20%
  • Organic unique visitors grew by 28%

All-in-all, the two sets of statistics help to confirm the effectiveness of the SEO strategy we've been implementing for Decorative Aggregates.

In terms of the SEO campaign, our work has included:

  • Extensive initial and ongoing keyword research to identify new opportunities
  • On-site optimisation such as the improvement of page content and title tags
  • Off-site optimisation

Reflecting on the progress of the SEO campaign for Decorative Aggregates, our Managing Director Ash Young enthused:

"In terms of SEO improvements, we couldn't have hoped for better than we've achieved for Decorative Aggregates. We're delighted that the work we've been doing has contributed to such high levels of growth for the client. We're now determined to take this success to another level in the coming months."


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