New Starter Diary: Joe Dickinson (Month 2)

11 June, 2020

Back in May, Junior Account Manager Joe Dickinson joined Evoluted and began sharing his thoughts on his first few weeks with us. Now, he’s put together his second diary entry, which covers a period spent entirely in lockdown: 

I feel in the first month you can never tell if you will like a new role, but I can safely say I’m really enjoying it. From the constant time dedicated to my development, to building bonds with my clients, to building my confidence to be able to suggest ideas to improve my clients’ ads, there is always something to do. This is a relief, as I like being busy. 

I feel one big take-home point in my very short time at Evoluted is how important it is to be supported by such highly-skilled colleagues. Anyone can set up a Google Ads ad, but whether that ad can make a return on investment is very much down to the user and their critique of the data coming through. 

Week 5 

I felt there was a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic, especially as some of my clients are tourism-related. As a result, I felt I got first-hand experience of supporting companies which are feeling the pressure. Alongside this, it was great to talk to clients and hear their ideas about adapting ads to compensate for the current climate.   

I’m an extremely risk-averse individual and will admit I was expecting a sudden stop in ad spending, which for a few of my clients has been the case, but the vast majority of my leisure and tourism clients have adapted their marketing to cater for a new demographic, taking bookings from home, video appointments and even digital tours - many just treat it as a blip in the market. 

Week 6 

Naturally, with the government releasing their draft schedule to ease the lockdown, there was once again, to some degree, a change in consumer behaviour.  For one of my clients in particular, who has been at the frontline of the change in consumer behaviour, this allowed me to get creative with an array of adaptive ads.  

Some of the ads we created for this client were designed to highlight the extra cleanliness, and new activities to do whilst in lockdown. It’s always nice to learn about other people's businesses and this was a learning curve for me in terms of how companies are positively adapting.  

I would admit it wasn’t as easy as writing a creative ad text, as there was a lot more to it than that - including the quality score, bid adjustments, and search impression share on Google. These all can make a major change in the ROI from the ad spend; which was something my mentor showed me.  

Week 7 

After many draft ad designs with my clients and carefully adapting them to fit their needs as more information was provided, it was great to finally launch the new ads. Once live, I was eager to see the results.

I have a passion for marketing, but I’m also fascinated by the SEO side of things. One website that I found particularly useful has been Traffic Think Tank. There is a lot of useful information there, which is really geared towards newbies. 

The word SEO can seem quite daunting when you have no background knowledge regarding it, but once you start breaking it down and getting to grips of how search engines operate, stuff slowly starts to make a little more sense.   

Week 8 

I felt this week was my strongest period of progression, as my last 3 weeks had been running up to the launch of new ads.  Seeing the effects of some of the changes I made, along with the market returning, really allowed me to build my confidence, as well as pushing myself to implement what I’d learned.  

I’ve recently discovered a piece of software called Hotjar (kindly shown to me by Ash). I’ve been looking for a piece of software with a real-time insight into consumer behaviour on a web page, but I’d never found one. 

It was rather pleasing to find out they do exist. My favourite part about marketing is the psychology behind the clicks and Hotjar allows you to go even further to see how users go onto behave on the website - it helps you improve the checkout funnel and the UI.


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