New Starter Diary: Joe Dickinson (Month 3)

3 November, 2020
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Back in May, Junior Account Manager Joe Dickinson joined Evoluted and began sharing his thoughts on his first few weeks with us. Now, he’s put together his third diary entry, which sees Joe cover the summertime at Evoluted.

Despite now being a firm member of the team, I’m continuing to develop and can firmly say that I still really enjoy working at Evoluted. The time really is flying by. 

Despite not being a work from home fan when I first joined, after 3 months of working from home, I have started to like the reduced commuting hours. That being said, it is great the office has been converted to take into consideration social distancing measures and we have the option of where we want to work from. 

Despite our tropical office temperatures (I’m one of those people who like the air con on the highest cooling setting), it’s nice to see some familiar faces as some people return to the office.   

Week 1 

I have two large holiday resorts clients and understandably the summer climate wasn’t very helpful for their summer plans. That said, I felt through a combination of really understanding their needs and business models, I was able to mitigate the circumstances as much as possible. 

In terms of their new PPC ads, we tweaked them to cater for the changes in consumer behaviour, really emphasising the benefits of the resorts’ locations and new measures taken to keep every guest safe. It has been great to watch these clients continue to drive leads and, in some cases, experience a continued growth despite the pandemic.  

Week 2  

One thing I really like about Evoluted is the various work you get exposed to. There is always something new and there is always the opportunity to learn more about another aspect of someone else's role. 

I’ve always been a big fan of Facebook ads, the whole creativity, the psychology, it’s something I’m passionate about. Looking back at this month, I was able to provide a bit of knowledge for some proposals to clients who were interested in hiring an agency to run their social media.  

It’s nice to contribute to something different and it’s also nice when your help can support another organisation's growth; whilst helping them to see first-hand what Evoluted can bring to the table. 

Week 3 

This week, I was also involved in another ad-hoc task, which saw me work on a content piece. This was produced regarding the new ways people are opting to exercise in the pandemic. 

Writing the piece, it was apparent that times have changed and that are fewer people visiting the gyms; with more opting to exercise from home. In some cities, such as London, many gyms were closed totally. 

We explored some of ways people were making up for this, with the content team creating an article on technology people are using, with the focus being on the client's new online fitness classes. 

This piece represented another great example of how the agency has really supported organisations in adapting their business models, with some fantastic results.  

Week 4

I’ve been a massive fan of Sheffield DM. For those of you who don’t know, Sheffield DM is a growing digital marketing panellist and speaker conferencing event, which provides a platform for top industry insiders to share their expertise.  

Every month I’ve watched the event after the live recording or live in the background while I work, but this time was the first “behind the scenes” experience I had. 

I can’t take any credit for making Sheffield DM happen, but I did get to sit in the centre of the production studio. There is a lot of work that goes into running an event of this size, from the initial step up, to the on the day running of the events. It’s fair to say the team did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure to watch it live.

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