Playing the Right Tune

10 November, 2016

Sheffield Music Hub believe that all children deserve the very best musical education - regardless of race, gender, location, needs or parental income. They provide a platform for schools, music groups and other music leaders to share information on musical events children can attend in the city.

To help ensure they engaged more successfully with their audience online, Sheffield Music Hub approached us regarding the design of a dedicated new website.

What Was the Brief?

The client previously had a series of pages on the Sheffield City Council website - but these were awkward for users to navigate. This led to a real desire to improve the UX delivered through the new site.

  • Targeted User Groups: The new site needed to be designed with 3 different user groups in mind - parents, governing bodies, teachers and kids (alongside their parents). It was vital that the new site catered for these demographics.
  • Clear Communication: Each section of the site would need to serve its ultimate purpose - clearly communicating the relevant information with the different user groups (investors, teachers etc.). The sectional division of the site needed to be thought out with every last detail in mind.
  • Photos: The client asked us to integrate their photo collection within the new design. Previously, they hadn't been able to do this.
  • Artwork & Colour: In line with the Sheffield Music Hub's branding, the site needed to be bright and colourful in design. The client was keen for us to integrate some of their own artwork as well.

What Did We Do?

In order for us to meet the goals laid out in the brief, we integrated many considered features within the new site. These make the whole navigation around the site far simpler:

Colour Selection

We have included a feature that allows the client to colour a section of the website from 6 carefully-selected options. These match with the client's traditional online colour scheme.



To make information on concerts, workshops and auditions more accessible, individual events can now be filtered by date, venue and event type. Each event then features its own page, so that it can be easily promoted through social media. A location map and links to relevant pages can be added to each individual event.


Music Leaders

Within the schools section of the site, there is a space for Hub Music Leaders. Each leader has their own page with corresponding information - including a photo so that students and teachers can recognise individuals.

music leaders

Sing & Play

This is a new section that helps users of the website to find a music group. They are able to filter by venue, instrument and group types (orchestra, rock band etc.). These pages may include links to the music leader's details and a map for the relevant location.

sing and lay


The news section was particularly important within the grander makeup of the site, as it will be used for showing investment partners what the company has been up to.



Sheffield Music Hub rely heavily on financing from their partners, so their logos are particularly prominent. There is also a partner's page.

What Were the Results?

The design of the site encourages engagement thanks to its visuals, ease-of-use and general readability. The client was delighted with the results.

They particularly liked how we were able to develop their online profile in ways that they hadn't previously been able to. For example, they had always wanted to have the online profiles of their music leaders available and now this has been done to great effect.


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