Reflecting On a Job Well Done

1 November, 2016

Specialist job listings site arbjobs was established to provide information on openings within the tree care industry.

The owners of the company continue to work in partnership with a number of high-profile global employers, to help them market staff vacancies.

arbjobs essentially showcase opportunities surrounding the cultivation, management and study of trees - so it's safe to say the area within which they operate is fairly niche.

This means that they're able to compete with larger job listing sites such as indeed.

What Was the Brief?

When assessing the UX delivered through their previous site, it was apparent to arbjobs that they needed to enhance their online profile.

They were in particular need of a responsive website, given that many of the people looking for jobs on their site were doing so via mobile devices.

To help make the changes to their online profile that they required, they approached our team here at Evoluted for a new site design.

Following discussion with the client, it quickly became clear that we could provide them with the answer they needed.

What Did We Do?

To ensure that we were successful with its build, there were a number of features that we needed to integrate within the design of the new arbjobs site:

Moderator panel: This needed to be included so that the client could check and approve job listings on an ongoing basis. They needed to be able to do this on their mobile phone.

Shared logins: In line with a series of upcoming sites that will be launched in the near future, we created a 'shared login' system to help assist with simple access.

Responsive: The site needed to be simple to use across all devices. This was established as a priority in the very early stages of the project, which was important as it influenced the subsequent build significantly.

A Job Well Done

Reflecting on a job well done, Ash Young, chief of Evoluted's operations, said:

"Whenever there's a complex website like this, it's essential that we maintain exceptional levels of communication - both with the client as well as internally. This helps to keep the project on-track and ensure that we're meeting the needs of the company that we're working with.

"Handily, we have all the software in place to ensure that every detail is covered. It was this that helped the arbjobs website move smoothly towards completion."


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