Staying Cool Amidst Impressive Growth

28 January, 2016

Coolspirit provide data management and critical infrastructure for businesses operating in a wide variety of sectors. Their focus is on the protection, preservation and performance of data; with all of their services designed to help companies run more safely and efficiently.

Since they were established back in 2008, Coolspirit have built an excellent reputation working from their base near Chesterfield. For each of their customers, they continue to implement the most innovative technology to ensure that the data of the business in question is both secure and accessible in any scenario.

At Evoluted, we've now worked closely with Coolspirit for a number of years. When they asked us to build them a new website, we were perfectly-placed to assist. Having built their previous site - which they were extremely satisfied with - our assistance was required once again to reflect their now-expanded online presence.

Launched last year, the latest site we built is both polished and contemporary. Easily accessible from the perspective of the user, it implements a bold, scrolling design throughout.

The site clearly displays information on all of the company's services and has been built to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices. These factors make it easy to navigate regardless of the device that it's being viewed on.

This was something that was particularly important to Coolspirit's Managing Director Damon Robertson. As someone who shares our keen eye for technology, he wanted to make sure that the site delivered exactly what potential customers need.

It was also important for the site to be easy to use from the client's perspective. For them, we built a custom CMS (Content Management System) for them to use to make any required changes. They've found this particularly simple to work with.

Additionally, easily-editable landing pages were also included in the site's design so that any changes to Coolspirit's services can be made quickly and simply.

Finally, we integrated a carefully-designed news and events page which allows the client to present their latest announcements to site users. This was designed to capture the attention of potential customers and help keep them on the site for longer.

Following the launch of the latest Coolspirit site, there was a striking improvement in user engagement. In the first month after launch, the bounce rate was down by 40%; the pages-per-session rate increased by 98%; and the average session duration grew by 76%. All these figures point to the new site being a resounding success.

Looking back on the build of the Coolspirit site, Evoluted's Managing Director Ash Young said:

"We're always pleased to work with local companies similar to ourselves. Coolspirit are a prime example of how we continue to do this successfully, as they continue to use us to help them to market their business online.

"With our deep understanding of their services, we were able to provide the client with a site that's been designed to help further their online presence. Given the growth that they've enjoyed, this was essential. We now look forward to seeing Coolspirit enjoy further successes."


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