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14 March, 2016

At Evoluted, we always thrive on a challenge. So when we were approached by UK-based Synthesis Media to design and develop two websites for them, we were delighted to assist.

The sites were to be for two of the publications under their ownership, Laboratorytalk and Process Engineering.

Laboratorytalk is primarily a news and information site targeted towards laboratory scientists working throughout the world. Through case studies, product news, white papers and research, the site has been structured to provide an extensive reading resource for professionals working within the industry.

Operating under separate specifications, Process Engineering is the leading magazine and website within the UK for process and plant specialists. The key industries covered by them include chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing.

Prior to Synthesis Media getting in touch with our team, both of these publications already enjoyed a healthy readership. In light of this, we knew that the dual build of the sites would represent a project on a fairly grand scale.

To help illustrate this, between the two new sites, we needed to import around 50,000 article pages and 3,000 business profiles from the existing two sites. There were also a number of overdue legacy data issues which needed to be properly resolved.

In conjunction with these requirements, we also needed to develop both new sites to include a publishing workflow. This was essential to enable companies listed on the site to submit their own stories for consideration. Finally, a function was also integrated so that businesses can register for the directories.

In terms of aesthetics, we employed a similar approach across both Laboratory Talk and Process Engineering. With so much information available to view on the site, it could easily have become overcrowded, but we worked hard to find a way to prevent this problem.

Accessible, bold and easy to navigate, the overall appearance has been designed with the user as the focus throughout.

All the key sections (case studies, news etc.) are clearly displayed across both sites, whilst front-end Google search has been integrated as well. This helps with the functionality of the search feature.

Integrating the Google search feature should also help retain site users. Helping to provide with all the information readers need to hand means they're less likely to navigate elsewhere to find what they're looking for.

For the client, our CMS (Content Management System) has been integrated across both sites. This will help them to easily maintain and order the huge amounts of content that need to be added on an ongoing basis.

After another great job done by the Evoluted team, Managing Director Ash Young said:

"In what could have become a complex project, we were able to seamlessly build the two sites together. The clean, easy-to-use layout means that both Lab Talk and Process Engineering are extremely user-friendly.

"Moving forward, this should now help the client to further improve their readership over time. The new sites will also provide a heightened experience for regular visitors."


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