wdid Respond to Need for Improvement

15 April, 2016

wdid are a small improvement consultancy based in Yorkshire. Run by Liz Ward and Nick Downham, the firm provide independent improvement advice for health teams, organisations and systems.

With over 30 combined years working within the public sector, Liz and Nick pride themselves on providing pragmatic, engaging and honest advice to their clients. As sole practitioners, they relish being able to work directly with clients who could otherwise be stuck with an inexperienced junior at another firm.

Despite being immensely confident in their ability to deliver excellent results, Liz and Nick were keen to give the online profile of wdid a makeover. They felt that their previous website - a slightly-responsive Wordpress build - wasn't doing their services justice. To rectify their problems, they hired our experienced team here at Evoluted.

The first step for us was to work with the client to get the bottom of their dissatisfaction. Based on the sheer amount of content on the previous wdid site, it was difficult to view on mobile devices. Finding a solution to this immediately became one of our primary aims.

It also became apparent that whilst users were skimming through their old site, information surrounding wdid's services was not being effectively communicated to them.

This ultimately became the focus of the new site we built. By concentrating on designing a site that would clearly display the key selling points of the company, we were immediately able to break it apart into easily-digestible sections.

We did this using clear panels that make it obvious where the content changes sections. Accompanying copy was then broken down into bite-size chunks, with links provided for those looking to spend a bit more time finding out more about a particular service.

As part of the site design overhaul, we then advised the client that the use of icons would help to identify the sectors they work within. This iconography was subsequently created by their print design partner and included in the site.

For the profile sections of the site, we recommended the use of smiling photos of Liz and Nick, to reinforce their position as the faces of the business. After they commissioned this photography externally, upon our advice, we also linked their profiles to their Linkedin accounts. We felt this would help enhance their credentials within the industry.

We also felt it was important that the client made good use of their superb testimonials. These are now displayed throughout a number of the individual site sections to help reinforce the image and standing of the wdid brand.

Finally, we wanted to ensure that wdid were as easy to communicate with as possible. For potential customers, their newsletter sign-up form is now clearly positioned within the site footer. We have also integrated a simple-to-use contact form within the primary 'Contact Us' section.

Looking back on the project, Evoluted's Managing Director Ash Young reflected:

"With the new site, we have been able to achieve the client's primary aim of more effective communication with their potential customers. Thanks to the clean site we've built for them, their brand message is no longer lost behind lots of clutter. We're confident they will now draw further interest online."


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