We're Expanding - Meet Our Recent Arrivals

21 July, 2016

2016 is absolutely flying by here at Evoluted - and things just continue to get busier. Naturally, we're not complaining.

Instead, we've been working diligently behind the scenes to add to our talented team. As we leave the halfway point of the year behind, our numbers have now swelled to 20.

As we recently welcomed our fifth additional staff member of the year, we thought it was about time to introduce the new arrivals.

A number of them fit in with our ethos of providing opportunities to young talent from the local area. We feel that integrating such individuals within our existing, experienced team has been an approach that's served us really well over the years.


My role: My Role is Head of Development and my job is to manage the development processes and ensure we're staying at the cutting edge of development.

My previous experience: I graduated from Sheffield University with a Software Engineering Masters (MEng). I subsequently joined Evoluted as a Graduate Developer, spending 2 years here. I then went to work for a Startup called 2point0 Concepts, where I worked remotely on building a Digital Signage platform. I am now back at Evoluted!

Why I joined Evoluted: I really enjoy the office environment and the huge range of different projects I get to work on. The problems to solve also keep it interesting.

Other Interests: You can often find me climbing at the Climbing Works.


My role: I have primarily been brought in by Evoluted to further the development of the marketing team.

My previous experience: I was previously search manager for an agency in Sheffield. In my spare time I have also developed a successful lighting website, which I continue to manage.

Why I joined Evoluted: The driving forces behind me joining Evoluted were the culture and the fact that I saw lots of potential to help grow the marketing department.

Other Interests: During my spare time away from work, I enjoy mountain biking and hiking. This is particularly handy given Sheffield's close proximity to the Peak District.


My role: I'm a Junior Web Developer. My responsibilities primarily involve working with PHP for the core functionality of the site, and with other web development languages for additional features as needed. I love what I do and feel I learn more every day.

My previous experience: One of my university projects was making a bookshop website, which was deceptively challenging. Before joining Evoluted, I actually wanted to be an app developer, and I've worked quite a bit on Android apps. Evoluted and my university project changed my mind, however - and now here I am.

Why I joined Evoluted: I joined Evoluted because I love the relaxed environment that this company has to offer. Everyone here is so friendly and I feel like I've fitted right in since day one. Technology is my passion, and it's great to be surrounded by people who share that passion.

Other Interests: Outside of work I enjoy reading books, baking and eating cheese. Most of all, though, my favourite pastime is playing the piano.


My role: I'm a backend developer. I work on creating the functional parts of a website. I have to make sure that each site works as expected and that it doesn't break when users provide creative input.

My previous experience: I spent a couple of summers working as a junior web developer for a local company in my home town. That involved creating features for an e-learning project. I also did a ruby-on-rails project at university, working with a client to produce a management system.

Why I joined Evoluted: Having studied at Sheffield University, I love the city. I really wanted to find a good place to work here. Secondly, Evoluted looked like a modern and interesting place to work and I was confident it would be fun to come to work here every day.

Other Interests: Boarding, snow and surf. For some reason wheels don't agree with me. I learnt to ski when I was a kid and switched to boarding when I was in my teens. Surfing is a relatively new hobby and predominantly self-taught (I'm pretty good at wiping out).


My role: My main role at Evoluted is developing content management systems for new and existing sites. I completed my first project within 2 weeks of starting which was to develop a back-end administration panel requested by one of Evoluted's clients.

The first few days were dedicated to learning how everything works and getting my own personal computer set up. From there I started to work on a live project and received plenty of help from the other developers along the way.

My previous experience: I had worked on websites before both for personal use and for university projects. One of these was the department of computing website, which was a university assignment aimed at researching and implementing user interface design patterns.

Overall, the project was a success and gave me a real insight into using front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to turn a design concept into a functional web page.

Why I joined Evoluted: The thing that stood out to me the most when applying for a placement position at Evoluted was the chilled-out environment in the office. The job listing mentioned the relaxed atmosphere and I was slightly hesitant to believe it.

The moment I stepped into the office though, it was immediately clear that this is the type of place I could see myself working in. Besides that, there were additional factors such as city centre location (near to my university), excellent work benefits and not to mention the job role itself was exactly what I was looking for.

Other Interests: My main pastimes consist of playing guitar. This is mostly acoustic until I can afford a new telecaster.


My role: I'm a Junior Web Developer. I work mainly on the back-end of websites.

My previous experience: A lot of my knowledge is self-taught, whilst I've also worked on a number of freelance jobs.

Why I joined Evoluted: I wanted to get a job in web development after leaving school. I didn't want to go to university, so I found the best place for an apprenticeship.

Other Interests: Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym, whilst I also hold an interest of machine learning.


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