Getting the most out of pay per click

26 August, 2014

Devising and launching a pay per click campaign is a surefire way of driving new customers to your online operations and boosting your revenue, but if not done right, it can end up costing you money and defeating the entire purpose of this essential marketing exercise.

How to achieve content marketing success

15 July, 2014

Content marketing has been the buzz-phrase in the SEO world for most of 2014. Simply put, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and regular content to acquire, and then hold on to, an audience who can be converted into paying customers.

Lies, Myths, and SEO

30 June, 2014

There are no certainties in the world of SEO, and there are lots of myths. It's time to debunk those myths. This blog will help you spot which to avoid buying into when putting together your own SEO strategy.

Panda, Penguin and Google animal magic

15 May, 2014

As we await the arrival of Google’s next furry animal, for it will surely come, it is worth perhaps reviewing the post-Panda and Penguin Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that may improve your site's performance in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Tutorial: How to Recover from an Unnatural link Penalty

6 August, 2013

Here I will cover how to discover if your website has been penalised by Google and is under an unnatural link penalty. I will also explain how to remove this penalty and avoid it in the future. During the tutorial I will refer to a client (MAF Properties) who came to us after they had been hit with an unnatural link penalty. Through our team's hard work they have had their penalty removed and are now ranking well again.

Using the canonical tag to deal with duplicate content

18 January, 2012

Whenever we’re doing search engine optimisation work on client sites one of the biggest issues we face is duplicate content pages. Many content management systems create several versions of a page with the same content, as there are many instances when these pages are required.

5 Globs of Grease for your SEO Web Copy Shoehorn

31 August, 2011

Search Engine Optimisation is mostly a numbers game. The right combination of keywords, inbound links and HTML coding equals virtual alchemy for web traffic figures.

Google Products SEO & Optimisation

9 February, 2011

Google Product Search (formerly Froogle) was released in the UK in October 2004. If you're selling online and are unaware of Google Product Search then you're missing a trick. It is a free service aimed at those who are selling products and services online and appears in the main search engine listings when Google believes you're searching for a product.