How to Test & Debug Google Adwords Website Telephone Tracking

1 January, 2017

Google Adwords has a helpful feature built in, designed to help you track telephone calls from your website.

This feature requires your development team to implement a small amount of code on your website and to wrap any telephone numbers you wish to replace with code so they can be identified.

When implemented and a visitor arrives from Google Adwords, telephone numbers on your website are replaced with a temporary telephone number provided by Google Adwords. These numbers mostly match the geographic region of your existing telephone number.

Any calls made to these temporary numbers are forwarded through to your normal number and the call is tracked and logged in Google Adwords.

Having spent many hours trying to debug why website telephone numbers weren't being replaced correctly, I stumbled across the debug settings.

Once your development team have implemented the code, you just need to add '#google-wcc-debug' to the end of a URL to see whether telephone tracking is working correctly.

If so, you should see the numbers you are tracking be replaced and a overlay like the below should appear:

This saved many hours of debugging, before finding this setting I was relying on calling the '_googWcmGet' function directly to confirm it had been called.

Written by Ash

Having co-founded Evoluted in 2006, Ash’s passion for the digital world and obsession with client satisfaction has since helped the company grow into one of Yorkshire’s leading digital agencies. An advocate of ROI-focused delivery and a firm believer in the use of bespoke technology, he was nominated for ‘Business Person of the Year’ at the 2017 Sheffield Business Awards.

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