Keeping your website fresh for online success

25 February, 2013

Imagine this: you’ve designed a new website, finalised the content and sent it live. So that’s your website sorted, isn’t it? Not quite! Keeping your website fresh is a key factor in attracting new customers – and keeping existing ones. Here I explain why having an up-to-date website is so important and some of the ways in which you can keep your content fresh.

Keeping your website fresh for online success

Why do you need to change online content regularly?

There are three important reasons why you should keep your website updated.

1. To help the search engines find you

This is one of the most important reasons for keeping your website updated. Put simply, search engines like websites which change regularly and regard the ones with the most recent content as most relevant to web surfers. A lot of value is therefore placed on websites with fresh and unique content. Neglect your website and it’s sure to fall down in the search engine rankings.

2. To show your customers that your company is busy

Is your last news item from 2010? If so, website visitors could be forgiven for thinking your company hasn’t done much since then; or even worse, for thinking it might have gone out of business. Let your customers know that your company evolves and has news to shout about each month; or even better, each week.

3. To attract inbound links to your website

The more interesting your website content, the more likely people are to notice it and discuss it – perhaps on social media networks, on their own blogs or they might even link to it from their own company website. The more often you update your website with something interesting, the more likely this is to happen and the more likely your website is to get noticed.

In other words, keeping your website content fresh and up-to-date helps your company to attract, and keep, more customers.

So, how can you keep your website content fresh?

There are several ways of keeping the content of your website fresh. Here are a few ideas.

1. Incorporate a blog on your website

A blog is a great way of adding new content on a regular basis, even if it’s just once a week. If you’re not sure what to talk about, think about the industry you’re in and what your potential customers might be searching for online. You might choose to comment on a news story that relates to your sector, or maybe discuss upcoming industry events. Either way, blog posts have several benefits as they not only keep your website fresh and drive more traffic to your website, but they can also help your company to establish its position as one of the ‘voices’ of your industry.

2. Include a news section on your website

Even if you don’t think your company has much news, there is always something interesting going on in most companies that could warrant a news story. You might have just served your 1,000th customer, you might have attended an industry training event, some members of staff could be taking part in a charity event, you might have launched a new product or taken on a new member of staff. Any of these could form the basis of a news story which helps to keep your website content fresh and attract more customers to your website. Remember, even if you don’t think your news is that exciting, a news article relevant to your industry will help keep your website popular with the search engines, and that’s what is important.

3. Add images or videos to your website

A gallery page is a great way of not only adding fresh content to your website but also of demonstrating what your company can do. This type of page could be updated regularly, each time you complete a project. Similarly, videos are another good way of adding fresh content to your website. Video clips could be of anything from short tutorials to product demonstrations. And even though search engines don’t actually search photos and videos, you can add a description for each one, providing the search engines with fresh content to view each time you add a new one.

4. Include client testimonials on your website

Adding client testimonials to your website is a good way of adding fresh content regularly, especially if you have a lot of customers and regularly receive good feedback. And as well as being a good way of adding more content, positive feedback looks great to prospective new customers.

5. Add more menu pages to your website

The more content you have on your website, the more likely you are to increase your search engine rankings. But how can you avoid overdoing it? The key is to adding content that is relevant to your customers and to your industry. If your company is one which involves a lot of face-to-face customer contact you might choose to add a profile page for each member of staff, providing them with the opportunity of showcasing their personality. Or if your industry is quite technical, you might choose to include a resources section, which could be updated regularly with industry developments.

In summary, there are many ways of keeping your website content fresh. It’s just a case of deciding on the most suitable for your company.

Keeping the content of your website fresh can take as little as a few hours each month. If you don’t have time to do it yourself then you might want to consider hiring a professional writer to do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself, it doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s just a case of choosing the most appropriate method for your company.

Are you planning to try any of these ideas? Or do you use them already? Share with us in the comments!


Paul Stoker (Website Upd8)
16th October 2017 at 9:16am

Hi Julie, I couldn't agree more as a part time freelancer myself, I have completed lots of websites that are still exactly the same as they were when they went live a year or two earlier. It's a relentless exercise in educating clients, especially the smaller ones that they need to devote some time for regular website content updates.

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Anthony Blanchard
16th October 2017 at 9:16am

Great article! I believe in all those ideas and they work ! Just like anything in life the more keep it polished and taken care of the longer it will last, plus stay looking great as well. This can be the same analogy to websites too.

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Rajeev Saxena
16th October 2017 at 9:16am

Really very good information.


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