Sheffield Personal Trainer Sees Growth in Enquiries

16 June, 2017

This blog has been provided by Nick at LEP Fitness, a personal training company based in Sheffield:

This time 4 years ago I barely received any website traffic or enquiries! In fact, I remember I had ZERO enquiries for a couple of months straight!

To be honest I was pretty beaten down and although I had faith in my skills as a fitness coach, I didn't have much confidence when it came to generating new business online.

That’s all changed now thanks to Evoluted, who have been a HUGE help to my business LEP Fitness over the past couple of years. My business now receives anywhere between 10-20 new enquiries per month - that’s far more customers than I can serve!

In this post I’d like to touch upon how they’ve helped my business and some of the successful strategies implemented that have worked.

Starting At The Bottom

I was in desperate need of building a stronger online presence. I wanted to improve my local search rankings to help me grow my personal training business, the trouble was that I had absolutely no clue how to go about it!

One thing I did know was that I needed help from an expert SEO agency, so I did my research and reached out to local businesses. I came across Evoluted after typing in SEO Sheffield, the fact they ranked highly on Google was a good sign, after all that’s exactly what I wanted with to achieve with my business.

Alongside finding Evoluted I also came across lots of other companies that offered similar services in Sheffield. I met with a bunch of them to investigate further, and get a feel for who I thought could help me the most.

Evoluted stood out head and shoulders above the rest. I met with Owner and Founder Ash Young at their offices in Sheffield and was instantly impressed.

I was warmly welcomed into their office and very well looked after. I remember briefly waiting upstairs, where I was offered a drink and I explored their office. I was impressed at the condition, unlike some of the other companies that I visited. They took pride in the appearance, had mountains of magazines on Tech stuff and Internet Marketing, and comfy sofas (with Social Media Icon pillows which i though was pretty cool!). I sensed their passion straight away and knew they truly cared about their work.

Ash listened to what I was looking for and suggested an action plan moving forwards. This was a combination of Google Adwords and SEO.

Google Adwords

This was to be a short-term strategy, where we could pay to improve our Google rankings. Evoluted successfully ran the campaign for me and immediately I started generating more website traffic and enquiries.

From hitting rock bottom at the start where I had zero enquiries to finally getting into a position where I was receiving a generous bunch of enquiries felt totally awesome! My confidence was restored and over the next few months my business continued to grow.

Developing An SEO Strategy

The longer term strategy was to rank well locally for keywords that related to my business i.e. fitness trainer Sheffield, personal trainer in Sheffield, etc.

The ultimate aim was to try and achieve a top 3 position for the selected keywords, as this would increase the likelihood of customers clicking on my site.

I was advised that this could take time but within 3 months I was ranking in positions 1 and 2 for all of our selected keywords.

I was obviously delighted, business was booming, and I had a company that I trusted looking after my SEO.

This allowed me to focus on delivering an excellent service to my own customers and do what I do best, which is help people annihilate fat and get fit!


After being impressed with the way they ran my Google Adwords & SEO campaign I also decided to have a new website built. The site I had back then wasn’t mobile friendly and it looked dated and clunky. Evoluted designed me a brand new site, listening to exactly what I wanted, whilst also providing excellent suggestions to enhance my ideas further.

I have been extremely impressed with not only the results I've received but the level of service they’ve delivered. I would highly recommend Evoluted’s expertise and services to anybody looking for an aesthetically pleasing website that not only looks fantastic, but also generates more customers online.

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16th October 2017 at 9:17am

"I was advised that this could take time but within 3 months I was ranking in positions 1 and 2 for all of our selected keywords."

Wow, that's great! What was the SEO budget?

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