How to achieve content marketing success

15 July, 2014

Content marketing has been the buzz-phrase in the SEO world for most of 2014. Simply put, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and regular content to acquire, and then hold on to, an audience who can be converted into paying customers.

To put it even more simply "If you build it, they will come". Well, almost. Content marketing is hard work and there are pitfalls. If you're new to content marketing, here's our steps to content marketing success.

Have a plan

"Fail to plan, plan to fail". It's completely true when it comes to content marketing. Whilst it may not get your creative juices flowing, planning is an essential part to any successful content marketing strategy. Invest time in creating an editorial calendar. Know when you are writing content, publishing it, sharing it, and set aside time to review that same content a month or so after publication.

Be agile and be ready to ignore the plan

Your content calendar doesn't need to define in advance precisely what you are going to write. Broad topics and ideas are fine but if you are going to make sure your content is relevant, you need to make sure your content is addressing the needs that your customers have today. There's no point in planning to write an article about the latest innovations in your marketplace six months after they happen. Be agile.

Analyse your performance and then rewrite the plan

Good content marketing takes time; time to write and publish articles and time for those articles to have an impact.

Be sure to set aside time to check your website analytics to see how many people have been reading the new content and if they have stayed on the site to look at anything else. Examine where your readers have come from and ensure that you are sharing your content at the optimum time to maximise your target audience.

Most importantly, use your analytics as a way of listening to your customers. Try to understand their likes and dislikes based on the articles that obtain the most readers and get the most feedback. Adapt your content calendar accordingly and write more of what customers want, when they want it.

Content marketing is an incredibly powerful technique if used correctly. Follow our plan, and soon your blog could be the best salesman on your team.

Written by Ash

Having co-founded Evoluted in 2006, Ash’s passion for the digital world and obsession with client satisfaction has since helped the company grow into one of Yorkshire’s leading digital agencies. An advocate of ROI-focused delivery and a firm believer in the use of bespoke technology, he was nominated for ‘Business Person of the Year’ at the 2017 Sheffield Business Awards.

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