Purchases On Google Has Arrived!

17 July, 2015

purchases-on-google-in-actionGoogle has started to test their much-anticipated Purchases on Google feature in eligible search adverts.

A limited number of adverts will display “Buy on Google” branding and when searchers click on these adverts they will be taken to a retailer-branded product page that is hosted by Google to make payment.

This checkout process is more efficient as users have to input less data on fiddly mobile devices and is safer thanks to the option for users to store their payment details. Google subsequently transmits the customer’s details to the retailer who is responsible for fulfilling the order and dealing with any customer service issues.

Retailers are expected to see improved conversion rates thanks to the checkout process becoming much simpler on mobile devices. Conversion rates are traditionally lower on mobile devices, compared to desktop and tablet devices, as it’s more difficult to input information, especially on websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

Google recently revealed that more searches are made on mobile devices than on desktop devices so improving conversion rates on mobile devices is a priority for retailers. Advertisers won’t be charged an additional fee for using the feature; however, Google is likely to benefit from higher CPCs thanks to the additional incentive for advertisers to use mobile shopping adverts.

The test is currently limited to small number of advertisers in the US so it will be a while before the feature’s impact can be measured.


Written by Neil

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