Unnatural Outbound Linking Penalised by Google

14 April, 2016

Google began to place manual actions on websites from the 9th April. You can check whether you have been sent an outbound link penalty via the Google Search Console message centre.

Google Warn of Impending Mobile Search Algorithm Update

13 April, 2016

The latest update to Google’s mobile search algorithm will only further heighten the importance of having a mobile-friendly site.

JJ Leisure Make Things Personal

12 April, 2016

As a busy team manager looking to personalise football kit and memorabilia online, the last thing you want to encounter is a company that relies purely on automation. Despite this fact, many businesses in the industry continue to lack the h...

Time to Talk Our Logical Process

14 March, 2016

At Evoluted, we always thrive on a challenge. So when we were approached by UK-based Synthesis Media to design and develop two websites for them, we were delighted to assist. The sites were to be for two of the publications under their ...

Helping Twinwoods to Jump Ahead

29 February, 2016

Twinwoods Adventure provide adrenalin-filled fun for the whole family. Based in Bedford, their facilities include an enclosed skydiving centre, an indoor surfing flume and a giant power fan for high-level jumps. With accommodation and a r...

Like the Changes? Facebook Introduce ‘Reactions‘

25 February, 2016

In a move that’s sure to provoke its own response, Facebook have now released their ‘reactions’ feature to the world. Offering an additional five responses to the traditional ‘Like’ button, the changes are now expected to take a few days to rollout.

Google Remove Text Ads from Right Sidebar of Desktop Search Results

23 February, 2016

Google have confirmed that text ads will no longer be displayed in the right sidebar of their desktop search results. The announcement – which was made on Friday 19th February - represents a major shift in strategy from the tech giant.

Evoluted Come Highly Recommended

19 February, 2016

Our services here at Evoluted HQ come highly recommended - but don't just take our word for it. For the top-notch work we continue to do, we've now been recognised by the Recommended Agency Register (RAR). Designed to showcase outstanding...

Bonus Scheme Rewards Hard Work of Evoluted Team

1 February, 2016

Since our humble beginnings in 2006, our talented team have been helping us to grow Evoluted into one of the UK's leading web development and digital marketing agencies. We remain thankful to each member of staff for their ongoing commitmen...

Staying Cool Amidst Impressive Growth

28 January, 2016

Coolspirit provide data management and critical infrastructure for businesses operating in a wide variety of sectors. Their focus is on the protection, preservation and performance of data; with all of their services designed to help compan...

Evoluted Join Google Elevator Programme

25 January, 2016

When managed correctly, Adwords can be the most effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal. In terms of generating leads and improving the visibility of your company online, there are few better routes to follow than the pay-per-click...

Far More Than An Off the Shelf Design

21 January, 2016

As one of the largest literary festivals in the UK, Off the Shelf continues to draw household literature and media names to Sheffield each year. The 2015 edition began in September; and encompassed over 200 events for people of all ages. ...

Flying to New Heights

14 January, 2016

Spanish-based company MadridFly recently established a brand new indoor skydiving centre in Madrid. Their unique facility provides beginners and pros with the opportunity to fly inside their state-of-the-art wind tunnel. The tunnel has be...

Evoluted Help Galactic Increase YOY Sales Revenue by 85 Percent

11 December, 2015

Outstanding, measurable success is something that we look to achieve for all of our clients. From highly-functional and aesthetically-stunning website builds, to strictly-targeted marketing campaigns, we continue to please with the results ...

John Gaunt Get License to Thrill

10 December, 2015

John Gaunt are licensing solicitors that specialise in providing services, advice and training to the retail, gambling and hospitality sectors. Companies they typically work with include pubs, clubs, restaurants, bookmakers and shops. Sin...