Getting the most out of pay per click

26 August, 2014

Devising and launching a pay per click campaign is a surefire way of driving new customers to your online operations and boosting your revenue, but if not done right, it can end up costing you money and defeating the entire purpose of this essential marketing exercise.

5 tips for creating engaging content

4 August, 2014

No matter how funky your website, how glittery your graphics or how clever your coding, ultimately what makes the difference is how engaging your content is.

Do you spend too much time in or on your small business?

21 July, 2014

If you run a small business, or are thinking of setting one up, there are so many things to do, areas to cover, decisions to make. Like a balance between work and home, there is another deal to strike with yourself. It concerns the level of time you spend “in” or “on” your business.

How to achieve content marketing success

15 July, 2014

Content marketing has been the buzz-phrase in the SEO world for most of 2014. Simply put, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and regular content to acquire, and then hold on to, an audience who can be converted into paying customers.

Lies, Myths, and SEO

30 June, 2014

There are no certainties in the world of SEO, and there are lots of myths. It's time to debunk those myths. This blog will help you spot which to avoid buying into when putting together your own SEO strategy.

inuit.css v5.0 the Object Oriented CSS Framework

10 June, 2014

Twitter's Bootstrap has understandably become a very popular CSS framework, but if you're needing more creative freedom there's inuit.css. According to inuit.css' README file it's "a powerful little framework designed for serious developers."

5 tips for creating an effective mobile website

6 June, 2014

We live in a mobile world, with mobile devices becoming an increasing part of our day-to-day lives... so here are some top tips to help get you started.

Stand out from the crowd

3 June, 2014

Exhibitions are tricky environments – and not just for the organisers. Exhibitors are the glue that holds an event together, the very reason it goes ahead, and each will have their own strategy to get noticed.

6 time-saving Photoshop hacks

27 May, 2014

Whether it's for work or play, chances are you're probably already quite familiar with Photoshop and most of its basic functions. However, like all good programs, there are some lesser known features that can make your life just that little bit easier. Here are 6 handy Photoshop hacks you might not have been aware of.

Opening a business from the kitchen table

20 May, 2014

Setting up a business online would seem, on the face of it, like something that is actually quite easy to do. You need a website or reliable web developers, a product and a market. Simple. Of course, anybody who has ever undertaken such an endeavour knows that this simplicity is skin deep at best, and that setting up even a simple online business represents a huge amount of struggle, stress and risk.

Panda, Penguin and Google animal magic

15 May, 2014

As we await the arrival of Google’s next furry animal, for it will surely come, it is worth perhaps reviewing the post-Panda and Penguin Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques that may improve your site's performance in a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Photoshop Vignette Tutorial: Creating a Vignette effect in Photoshop with Curves

3 April, 2014

This quick & simple Photoshop tutorial will show you how to adjust an image's brightness or saturation at the periphery compared to the image centre, this is a process known as Vignetting.

Design Inspiration #9

19 February, 2014

Welcome to the 9th installment of the Design Inspiration series, a regular selection of recent sites that have caught our eye for their aesthetic and technical brilliance.

Design Inspiration #8

14 January, 2014

Welcome to the 8th installment of the Design Inspiration series, a regular selection of recent sites that have caught our eye for their aesthetic and technical brilliance.