Evoluted Up For Small Business of the Year

When we moved to Sheffield in 2009, we were determined to establish ourselves as a leading digital business in the city. In the time since, we've strived to achieve that goal. It's safe to say the hard work has paid off.

We've now been shortlisted for 'Small Business of the Year' at the 2016 Sheffield Business Awards. Coming in our 10th anniversary year, we couldn't be more delighted to receive the nod.

Following on from the nomination we received for 'Best Use of Technology to Improve Business Performance' at the 2015 awards, this is the second year running that will see us attending the awards ceremony with the hope of emerging as winners.

We're looking forward to another great evening, with the awards ceremony to be held on Thursday 1st December at Ponds Forge.

A Great Year for Evoluted

We're delighted with how the awards season has panned out so far. Prior to being shortlisted for the Sheffield Business Awards, we'd also been named as the regional winner for 'Best Use of Technology' in the 2016 Chamber Business Awards. We will now be going up for the national award in London.

So what's been the key to such a positive year?

The growth of our digital marketing department has certainly been a contributing factor. In the past 12 months, our marketing team has grown by 50%, which has meant that we've been able to cater for a substantial amount of new business.

This increase in capacity has led to us being able to provide a wider array of services to more companies. This means that from the creation of a website, to its subsequent marketing, we're able to keep the message of the company in question clear and concise.

Great Results for Clients

Above all else, this is continuing to help us to deliver better results for our clients - and what better measure of success is there than that? If our clients are happy, we're happy and we think that reflects throughout all the projects that we undertake.

Some of the UK companies that we continue to enjoy prosperous relationships with include JJ Leisure, Mentor Training, Twinwoods Adventure, MadridFly and Decorative Aggregates.

As ever, we also continue to work with a number of Sheffield-based businesses and organisations as well. Examples include Sheffield City Council and Galactic Fireworks; as well as Pryor Marking and Bag It Don't Bin It - with both of the latter companies enjoying their own successes at the Sheffield Business Awards in recent years.

If you like the sound of how we work and are looking to grow your company's online presence, get in touch with us today!

Remember to check back on our blog on the 2nd December to see how we fared on the night of the 2016 Sheffield Business Awards.


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