14 types of social media post that just work

11 April, 2012

Like it or not, your business needs to be involved in social media. Even if you hate Facebook, Twitter and all the rest, you still need a presence on them for one simple reason: your customers are there. Neil's latest post gives 14 examples of posts that just work!

Tutorial: Creating a Facebook timeline app

30 March, 2012

In this tutorial learn how to create Facebook apps for the new Facebook Timeline. The new Facebook Timeline interface now allows us to create much richer, engaging applications (apps) due to an increase in page wide from 520 pixels to 810 pixels – a massive increase of nearly 55%.

Digital copywriting trends for 2012

8 February, 2012

Now, I'm no Nostradamus. I've got no psychic powers, as far as I'm aware. I'm not even a publicity seeking analyst. Not by trade. But I am a working digital copywriter who keeps his ear to the ground. So why on Earth shouldn't I share my predictions for the most significant copywriting trends of 2012?

UltraLight UI Kit Free PSD

26 January, 2012

The latest addition to the Think Tank is a free UI kit PSD. The UI kit is made up of fully editable PSD vector shapes and includes elements such as buttons, form fields & sliders.

Using the canonical tag to deal with duplicate content

18 January, 2012

Whenever we’re doing search engine optimisation work on client sites one of the biggest issues we face is duplicate content pages. Many content management systems create several versions of a page with the same content, as there are many instances when these pages are required.

Is your copywriting humble enough?

4 December, 2011

Simple, Humble. These two words sum up some of the best marketing campaigns in the world. Neil looks at what techniques some of the world's biggest companies use when creating their successful marketing campaigns.

Sending emails on SVN Commits in VisualSVN

11 November, 2011

In this guide, we show you how you can automatically send formatted emails when commits are made to a VisualSVN respository using PHP.

6 of the Best About Pages on the Web

28 October, 2011

Short of ideas for your new About page? Well, we all need a bit of web copy inspiration sometimes. Here are six of the best About pages on the Web, each full of creative copywriting and smart design.

5 Briefing Blunders That Drive Copywriters Crazy

30 September, 2011

Neil uses his own experiences to detail 5 briefing blunders that drive copywriters crazy, looking at each one in turn and giving a possible solution to each blunder.

5 Globs of Grease for your SEO Web Copy Shoehorn

31 August, 2011

Search Engine Optimisation is mostly a numbers game. The right combination of keywords, inbound links and HTML coding equals virtual alchemy for web traffic figures.

How to create, scale and edit fill patterns in Adobe Illustrator

19 August, 2011

Fill patterns are a useful tool for creating a design within a shape without having to duplicate the item and use a clipping path increasing the file size. Jenny shows how this can be achieved quickly and easily using Adobe Illustrator.

How to turn high-tech features into high-selling benefits

8 August, 2011

A cornerstone of good copywriting that I’m sure we’re all aware of is “Sell benefits not features”. But what if we’re writing about a product whose main selling point is a new technological feature?

Selective Colouring and Basic Colour Replacement in Photoshop

20 July, 2011

A quick look at two simple Photoshop techniques, selective colouring using saturation filters and colour replacement using hue/saturation. Darryl takes you through each of these techniques giving a detailed walkthrough on how to achive the desired result.

In a world of willing slaves, how do real copywriters compete?

27 June, 2011

Neil writes about the struggle 'professional' copywriters face having to compete alongside 'amateur' copywriters who use copywriting as a means to top up their general income and the effect this has on the industry as a whole.

Wireframes are not enough

14 June, 2011

As at most web agencies here at Evoluted wireframing is an integral part of our design process. Every project first goes through a wireframing process to ensure that we build a robust, easy to use website that includes all the features and elements required. The final wireframes are used as a starting point by our designers and throughout the project life these are referenced by designers and developers alike.